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Easy Guide to the State of California’s Sacramento Superior Court

Easy Guide to the State of California’s Sacramento Superior Court

What is the
Sacramento Superior Court?

The Sacramento Superior Court is a Superior County
Court in the State of California, which exists within the realm of Common Law.
A Superior Court is permitted to hear cases both criminal and civil in nature. This
is in contrast to a court classified as ‘lower’, which is restricted to the
judicial review of cases considered to be less severe in nature. Although this
qualification differs with regard to the nature of the crime, matters
considered to be of the utmost seriousness within Sacramento, California will
typically be heard before the Sacramento Superior Court.

Sacramento Superior Court currently is comprised of 5 locations, which are
determined in accordance with the specific hearing. The main courthouse is
located in Sacramento, California:

720 9th Street
Sacramento, California 95814 
(916) 874-5476

Sacramento Superior Court Jurisdiction

The following cities, municipalities, and towns in
the State of California are under the jurisdiction of the Sacramento Superior
Court. However, the Sacramento County Court System is apportioned into 5
locations with regard to the respective legal services provided:

Citrus Heights

Elk Grove




Rancho Cordova


Sacramento Superior Court Judges and Personnel

In the Sacramento Superior Court, the following
Judges and personnel are responsible for legal review of legal matters:

Stephen White: Presiding Judge.

Legal Issues Managed at the Sacramento Superior

The following legal issues, statutory legislation,
and proceedings are heard in the Sacramento Superior Court:

Family Law: Judicial review within this legal
field in the Sacramento Superior Court undertakes legal matters addressing
matters of the family and familial, structural procedures including:


The Establishment of Paternity and Guardianship

Domestic Violence

Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment

The Establishment of Visitation

Domestic Partnerships

Restraining Orders: Legal statutes forbidding the
encroachment of an individual within the expressed vicinity of another

Small Claims Court: The Sacramento Superior Court
provides a legal venue existing under the jurisdiction of Civil Law with which
legal matters involving smaller sums of money, damages, and torts occurring
within Sacramento may be heard.

Small Claims Court in Sacramento will only
undertake matters not exceeding $7,500 in valuation. Individuals are prohibited
from filing for an excess of 2 Small Claims hearings exceeding $2,500 each on
an annual basis.

Probate Court: A legal venue in which the
appropriation of the estate belonging to a deceased individual takes place. This
includes the judicial review of the following:

Wills and Testaments


Single Party Inheritance

Descendent Guardianship 

Juvenile and Minor Law: This legal field
undertakes hearings involving children and individuals not considered to be
legal adults, which may include the following:

Child Support

Violations Committed by Individuals Considered to
be ‘Underage’

Juvenile Crime

Juvenile Dependency

Exhibits: A legally-regulatory process undertaken
by the Court in order to mandate and authorize evidence for the presentation
within a court hearing.

Landlord and Tennant Dispute Resolution: Civil
disputes that take place between a tenant, who is listed as a temporary
resident in property belonging to another individual or entity. The owner is
known as the landlord.

Traffic and Accident Law: Vehicular and
transportation matters requiring legal administration and regulation may be
heard at the Sacramento Superior Court. These matters will range in the
requirement for a court appearance in lieu of the submission of required fees. This
may include:

Required Fines and Fees

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Driving Under
the Influence (DUI)

The Mandating of Citations

Punitive Recourse with regard to the Associated
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Criminal Law: The Sacramento Superior Court will
address matters in both civil jurisdictions, as well as those occurring within
criminal jurisdictions. Criminal cases are considered to be affronts in the
form of crime with regard to the general public within the public sector.

Civil Law in the Sacramento Superior Court

With regard to legal matters involving a resident
of Sacramento County, the following classifications of respective circumstances
are applicable to Civil Law Cases:

Unlimited Civil Jurisdictions entail hearings in
which the valuation of monies, assets, or properties is equal to or exceeds
$25,000. These cases will require additional fees of $395 in order to be heard.

Limited Civil Jurisdictions entail hearings in
which the valuation of monies, assets, or properties is less than $25,000.

Sacramento Superior Court Administration and Fees

The Sacramento Superior Court provides individuals
the opportunity to not only access court documentation, but also satisfy the
payment of fees online. The following details are pertinent with regard to both
scheduling of fee payment, as well the procedural structuring of legal fees:

Fee structures, schedules, and payments are
available both in virtual and physical formats.

Court forms and applicable documentation are
provided in both online, as well as in hard copy form.

The Administration of Jury Duty.