Inside A Court House

Inside A Court House

Inside A Court House

A courthouse is a type of building in which judicial proceedings occur. There are many different courthouses located throughout the United States, as well as a variety of different courthouses that are responsible for handling different types of law violations. For example, there are Federal courthouses, states courthouses, county courthouses, and local courthouses. 

County Courthouse

A county courthouse is a type of court that is responsible for addressing crimes that occur in its county. In most instances, a county court will share its authority with other local courts. It will usually preside over cases that involve felony violations. However, in some instances, a county courthouse will also handle small claims cases and appeals that involve misdemeanor offenses. 

Federal Courthouse

Cases involving the violation of Federal laws and regulations are heard in Federal courthouses. A Federal courthouse is a courthouse that is dedicated to handling Federal violations. There are a number of different types of Federal courthouses located throughout the United States, including Districts Courts, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. 




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