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International Criminal Court


The International Criminal Court is a tribunal which has been created for the purpose of applying international law to such offenses as genocide and crimes against humanity, and as such, is intended to provide for the two causes of human rights and humanitarian law. This institution has been considered to be the central criminal court setting for dealing with these matters since it was created and went into effect at the beginning of July in 2002.

The International Criminal Court was created in this way by the Treaty of the Roman Statute of the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court is associated with The Hague, as this is the primary, though not exclusive, location for central criminal court proceedings for war crimes and other offenses. You will need to find special kinds of criminal lawyer to represent you in the International Criminal Court.

Among the various central criminal court proceedings which have been instituted in this period, the International Criminal Court has launched processes dealing with offenses in the five locations of Kenya, Sudan, the Congo, Uganda, and the Central African Republic. Moreover, the International Criminal Court has been noted as issuing 16 indictments during the period of its existence.

In all, the International Criminal Court includes the participation of 111 different countries and the membership of 18 judges. This central criminal court is not to be confused with the similarly named International Court of Justice. International Court of Justice offices can also be found in The Hague. International Court of Justice functions extend more to conflict resolution than for prosecuting misdeeds committed in the course of conflict.