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What Are Court Listings

What Are Court Listings

Court listings are directories that offer an individual public
information concerning a specific courthouse and the court news associated with
the jurisdiction. The majority of information in regards to verdicts and the
court system is public. Therefore, a court list is essentially a database; a
list to aid individuals in locating the specific courthouse and the types of
cases the courthouse covers. 

In addition, court news also will contain various
verdicts and rulings of cases. Although the intricacies of the case will be for
the most part kept private, the major aspects and the rulings of the case will
be covered in listings and court news.

Seemingly every town, village, or jurisdiction contains a town
hall where a courtroom is present. As a result, there are thousands of courtrooms
throughout the country. To streamline the information-gathering process and to
provide accurate directions to the public, a typical court list will include
the following information: the court identification number, a description of
the court which covers the area of law observed in the courtroom, the presiding
judge and judicial officer of the courtroom, the address of the courthouse, the
room numbers of all the courts, and the phone numbers of the courtroom and the
presiding clerk. All of this information is available to the public in the form
of a court list.

Court news offers the public the specifics associated with a
particular case, while court listings offer the public information regarding
the courthouse itself and the courtrooms within the building.