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What You Must Know About Probate Court

What You Must Know About Probate Court


Probate courts are courts that preside over issues regarding deceased individuals and their wills. A will is a legal document that is written up by an individual, often with the help of an attorney or other legal official. This document outlines who is to take charge of an individual’s estate and where their specific belongings are supposed to go upon their death, whether they are supposed to be given to specific family members or donated to an organization. 

However, sometimes wills can be contested for the validity because another will document shows up and is introduced or because of the notarization on the document. This is where the probate courts look over the circumstances and the evidence in order to determine legitimacy. The probate courts are often the ones to make the decision on who has control of the estate of the deceased and where the allocations go. 

Besides issues of estate and the deceased, probate courts can also deal with issues like the granting of guardianships, name changes, and marriages. In some cases, these courts can also handle issues of adoption. 

The probate courts are important because this is where individuals go in order to gain family status and legal rights of protection regarding adoption and guardianship. However, they are also important because this is the court that grants access of individuality or union. Individuality refers to when it comes to deciding on one’s new name, whether it is a preference of name or a matter of protection. Union refers to when it comes to marrying to willing individuals together for a lifetime of shared happiness.