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Connecticut Probate Court

Connecticut Probate Court

The Connecticut probate court is a court system that has been a work in progress and development for over 300 years. The main goal of the CT probate court is to provide efficient services and law to individuals who are looking for help and justice in the Connecticut probate court. 
The CT probate court handles a variety of different, yet very sensitive cases. Some of these cases are issues of estate administration in regards to wills and the allocation of assets upon a person’s death. Then there are cases of how to better assist individuals who have mental or physical disabilities and who is the most suitable guardian for these individuals. This is applicable to both children and adults who are afflicted with these types of disabilities. 
What the Connecticut probate court strives to do is to best protect the rights of individuals in the cases of adoption and guardianship in order to provide them stability and protection in a good family environment, while providing support and service measures for the individuals who are taking on the parental or guardianship role. 
Overall, the CT probate court works on a number of different cases, anywhere from issues of guardianship to estate administration and even civil issues regarding housing and property issues. These cases are all important because they deal with the civil rights of families and a desire for service and protection, an outreach for help from a family to a court system in order to ensure that one will be allotted all the rights which are given by the State.