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Employment Appeal Tribunal At A Glance

Employment Appeal Tribunal At A Glance

The Employment Appeal Tribunal is a judicial organization that was set up in the United Kingdom to review issues regarding decisions made by employment tribunals. The actual employment appeals tribunal has a representative figurehead, being a President who presides over the body of the Tribunal. However, when it comes to the actual hearings, a judge, or a judge and two members of the body, are the ones who hear the cases and cast the decisions. 
What the Employment Appeal Tribunal does is entertain cases in which there has been a clear flaw or issue regarding the legal reasoning of an employment tribunal. Since these cases have already been tried, the facts that have been stated previously are not reopened and examined in the case. The only thing that is actually reviewed is the error in reasoning. 
The lay members, or non-judge members, that oversee the legal process are typically employment professionals who have a wide breadth of knowledge regarding employment law and how employment issues are conducted. This brings valuable insight to the case and can help the judge to correct issues of flawed legal reasoning. After the appeal trial, the judge delivers the verdict on whether or not the claims stand and what action must be taken thereafter. 
Overall, the Employment Appeals Tribunal is an important fixture regarding employment issues and legal procedures because it allows for the questioning of legal conclusions and can help to rectify wrongful issues.