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Role of A Municipal Court

Role of A Municipal Court

A municipal court is considered to be a lesser court system found in the United States. This means that it is not on the scale of a District Court, Superior Court, or that of the Supreme Court. The offenses tried in a District Court can vary depending on the State.
Furthermore, when it comes to municipal courts, the jurisdiction a court has over an area is dependent up the State. In some states, this means that a municipal court only has jurisdiction over the county in which it resides. While in other states, the municipal court might have a larger jurisdiction.
Another thing that varies is the type of cases that are tried in the court. In smaller municipal courts, the cases that are tried in this lower court are often regarding parking violations, violations of city ordinances, and various other traffic-related violations.
However, in some larger municipal courts the first rounds of felony cases may be done there, or cases regarding civil issues of a smaller scale, meaning not exceeding $30,000. These are often dependent upon the judges who are supposed to hear them and the size of the courts that they are in.
Overall, a municipal court is a court for small scale crimes, like traffic violations, and smaller civil issues. These courts can also be the beginning stages for large cases. It is not uncommon to see cases start out in a municipal court and move on to a District or Superior Court after a while.