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What is the NC Court Calendar?

The NC Court Calendar is simply the docket of the respective North Carolina Court. 

NC Court Calendar: Background Information on Court Calendars

The NC court calendar, more commonly known as a court docket, is a full list of the different cases that are awaiting action in the North Carolina court of law. The actual matters listed on the NC Court calendar depend on the specific North Carolina court. Depending on which NC Court calendar is being discussed, it is not uncommon to see a majority of the cases that are on the NC Court calendar to not actually go to court. Instead, many of these cases may have reached a settlement, or have been refilled. 

Typically, court calendars such as the NC court calendar are made available to the public, although it can occasionally be hard to actually access these files. 

Historically, the NC court calendar was a literal and physical object. The court’s clerk would keep a large file that contained all the information about the court. This NC court calendar list the outcome of trials, details regarding potions and other issues that were filed, pending actions, and other matters. However, this system has been replaced in most areas with an electronic version. 

The NC Court calendars often look at the schedule of cases or issues that are going to be addressed as well as whether the court will be open. The NC Court calendar can also be looked at to find a specific case and access more specific information, such as a record of the motions filed in regards to the case or other actions regarding the case. The clerk of the NC court is the one to maintain the NC court calendar and ensure to validity and accuracy of the information. 

To get on the NC court calendar, an individual usually must pay a filing fee and must also bring the appropriate relevant documents regarding the case in order for the filing to go through. 

There are many different databases that give court calendar information, including the NC court calendar. However, the information can also be found through the NC court website. The following NC court calendars are available:

Civil Calendars: gives calendars for each county

Criminal Calendars: gives calendars for each county

Superior Court Master Calendar: consists of both the fall and spring calendar

The North Carolina court website also provides searching through the NC court calendar as well. This can be done through the following methods:

Citation Query by Defendant Name 

Citation Query by Citation Number

Impaired Driving Query

District and Superior Court Query

Statewide Officer Court Appearance Query