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Clay County Clerk of Court

Clay County Clerk of Court

Information About Florida’s Clay County Clerk of Court
Clay County Clerk of Court: Background Information
A clerk of the court is an officer of the court who has the responsibility of maintaining the court records. Another duty of the clerk of court is to administer oaths to jurors, witnesses, and grand jurors. Formally, the clerk is also the holder of the seal of the court, used to give authenticity to court orders, records, and judgments.
In Clay County, Florida, the Clerk of Court is James B. Jett. His personal mission statement claims that he is very committed to giving the citizens of Clay County efficient, responsive court services. He provides information about the wide range of services that are available through the court for not only the public, but also those in the legal profession. 
Clay County Clerk of Court: Website Services
The Clay County Clerk of Court website contains a large amount of information about available services that can be redeemed. These services include the following:
Child Support: Clay County and Florida’s child support laws create  a way for children supported financially by the parent who does not have custody after a separation. Through information on the Clay County Clerk of Court website, it is possible to find the guidelines of the obtaining the pay needed from a supporting parents.
Both the supporting and parents’ financial circumstances are looked at when determining amounts. The Clay County Clerk of Court also provides information about the Florida Department of Revenue, driver’s license suspension program, and online payments.
Civil Court: Through the Clay County clerk of Court website, it is possible to find out how to go to civil court. The two typical issues that are dealt with that the civil court are landlord-tenant disputes and small claims.
The landlord-tenant dispute comes out of issues of missed rent and evictions. In small claims court, civil disputes that do not involve property or value beyond $5,000 are resolved. 
Criminal Court:  The courts discussed on the Clay County Clerk of Court can handle criminal issues as well. These courts involve judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. 
Document Recording: It is possible to look through official records such as marriage records as well as deeds from 1872 and on. There is also a microfilm archive of civil and criminal court records available. Copies and recordings are made available. 
Family Law: Family law issues are discussed here, particularly marriage, license applications, domestic violence, divorce, and visitation guidelines. 
Fines: Fines can also be taken care of that occurred in Clay County, Florida. Some of these include traffic fines, boating fines, and hunting fines.