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What Are County Court Records

What Are County Court Records

In addition to State and Federal courts, county courts are also responsible for creating and maintaining records regarding the court proceedings that occur within their courthouses. This can create extensive complications for individuals who are not certain where court proceedings occurred. If an individual is not sure in what State a court hearing or trial took place, or whether it took place in a State, county, or Federal court, he/she may find it difficult to locate and access the desired records. 
Like State and Federal court records, county records are available for the public to access. However, locating these records can often be troubling. If an individual is certain that a proceeding occurred within a county courthouse, he/she can contact that court to obtain information regarding acquiring county court records. 
In many states, including Missouri, county courts are primarily responsible for administrative, executive, and clerical duties. In states such as this, county court records may be much more extensive. The county court may maintain a larger database of procedures that occurred within the county, as well as vital records regarding individuals who reside within that county. Vital records include birth certificates, marriage records, and death records. However, in most instances, vital records are maintained on a State level in a Vital Records Department.
Many county courts have established online records databases, and therefore, an individual may be able to access county court records online. In the event that an individual requires access to county court records, he/she should contact his/her county court to determine the most effective way of obtaining these records.