Learn All About The United States District Court

Learn All About The United States District Court

Learn All About The United States District Court
District Court
In the United States, district courts have general jurisdiction over Federal violations. In the event that a Federal offense is committed, the offender will be tried in a Federal District Court that is located in his/her State of residence. In addition to this trial court, the United States has established independent courts within the District Court system, such as the bankruptcy court, which maintains limited jurisdiction. 
United States District Court
The United States District Court is a Federal trial court that is responsible for hearing cases that involve Federal offenses. There are a range of different Federal crimes handled in U.S. district courts. The U.S. District Court functions as the initial phase in many long lasting Federal cases. Here, an initial verdict is reached and a sentence is imposed. 
Federal District Court
There are many different Federal district courts located throughout the United States. Each State possesses at least one District Court, though some states have multiple district courts. A District Court is responsible for hearing the Federal cases that occur within its State. In addition, numerous United States territories also have Federal district courts to address Federal violations in these locations. 




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