Quick Guide to Arizonia Superior Court

Quick Guide to Arizonia Superior Court

Quick Guide to Arizonia Superior Court
Arizona Superior Court Background
The Arizona Superior Court is divided by county and each county is represented by at least one Superior Court judge. Cases that are heard at the Superior Court level include those which do not fall under the jurisdiction of another court. For instance, divorces are heard at the Superior Court level, as well as probate cases which include issues with the estate and will of a benefactor.
Maricopa County Supreme Court
The Maricopa County Supreme Court handles a variety of cases, including those which are heard in Family Court. The courts may ask couples to attempt to come to a divorce agreement with a mediator. If that cannot be accomplished, the judge will make all determinations about the divorce agreement. 
Pima County Superior Court
Wills are determined to be legally valid or invalid by the Superior Court.  It may be alleged that a will was written under duress in that a beneficiary forced the benefactor to leave them a set amount of money or specific assets. This too can lead to a challenge of the will.
Pima County Justice Court
Cases which may be heard in Justice Court include domestic violence and civil cases. These cases will likely include witness testimony and a presentation of evidence. Cases which involve domestic violence, including a request for restraining orders, are heard by the Justice Court. 
Arizona Court Records
Arizona court records are generally available to the public, unless the judge orders the case sealed to protect the identity of a witness or to allow prosecutor to use evidence in another trial.




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