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Family Court Defined

Family Court Defined

A family court is a venue that settles disputes and legal matters in relation to the broad scope of family law. Family courts convene to make orders and resolve pressing financial and emotional issues that can cripple a family. The typical cases associated with a family law court are the following: child support cases, child custody issues, visitation rights, restraining orders, and emancipation of minors.

In common law jurisdictions a family law court intends to create a legal forum that resolves all family-related issues. The format and legal procedures are universal, however, each district possess its own family court that must uphold the unique laws associated with family law in the particular State where the court is located.

Oftentimes disputes between families, especially in matters where children are present, are highly emotional situations that spark controversy. As a result of these characteristics, a family law court aims to establish mediation between the two disputing sides. Family courts work in congruency with district courts to find a middle ground to resolve juvenile and domestic legal issues. A family law court, in essence, collaborates with the court community, family court staff, and family court judges to efficiently resolve and process each case towards some sort of resolution. Contact a family lawyer to consult your case.

A settlement is obtained in a family law court through an application of efficient practices in case management principles. For example, a family legal matter is usually assigned to one judge and one family for all issues before a family law court. The cases in family courts are typically presided over in a timely fashion that offer the family limited continuances and continuous calendaring. As a result, family courts are able to offer disputing families more timely and thoughtful resolutions to their issues.