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WA Courts Overview

WA Courts Overview

Washington Background
Washington courts include the Washington Supreme Court, the three districts of the Washington State Courts of Appeals, and the 39 Washington State Superior Courts. The Washington courts handle a wide variety of cases. The highest number of cases heard in Washington State courts is heard in the 39 superior courts, one of each which is assigned to each county in the State. 
Franklin County Superior Court
Franklin County Superior Court is similar to other WA courts in that it is supported by a County Clerk's Office. The Franklin County Superior Court is located in the county capital of Pasco, which oversees one of the fastest growing counties in the United States of America. The WA courts in Franklin County oversee court cases across more than 1200 square miles. 
Pierce County Superior Court
Pierce County Superior Court works closely with Pierce County Juvenile Court Services, both of which are supported in the performance of their duties by the Pierce County Clerk of the Superior Court. The Pierce County Superior Court features four divisions and 22 judges in as many departments. The divisions of the Court are the civil division, the juvenile division, the civil mental health division, and the division of adoptions.
King County Superior Court
King County Superior Court is based in Seattle. King County Superior Court has jurisdiction over civil law, family law, criminal felony law, criminal misdemeanor law, probate cases, guardianship hearings, juvenile cases, mental illness matters, and cases involving involuntary commitment.