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Guide to County Superior Court

Superior Courts often operate on a State level. However, a State can also possess a County Superior Court or a number of County High Courts. A County Superior Court is responsible for presiding over cases in a specific county within a state. In addition to the Superior Court, the county may also have numerous lesser courts.
Unlike the lesser courts situated within a county, a County Superior Court will maintain general jurisdiction within that county. 
As a result, the County Superior Court will be permitted to hear a variety of different cases, including family law cases, criminal cases, and civil cases that occur within the county. There are a number of County Superior Courts located throughout the United States, including the Los Angeles Superior Court located in Los Angeles, California. 
A County Superior Court will often establish a number of courthouses in various locations throughout the county. This will ensure that individuals have access to a County High Court within a reasonable distance. The Los Angeles Superior Court serves more than 9 million individuals who reside within the County of Los Angeles. Therefore, numerous courthouses were necessary to accommodate all residents of this county.
Canada has established a similar type of court, known as the Superior Court of Justice. The Superior Court of Justice functions much like a County Superior Court, as it maintains general and unlimited jurisdiction over court proceedings in the province of Ontario. This court has established facilities in more than 50 locations throughout Ontario.

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