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Nevada Supreme Court

The Nevada Judicial system includes such various systems as the Nevada Supreme Court and Clark County courts. In addition to these institutions, the Nevada judiciary includes different institutions like the Justice Courts, the Municipal Courts, and the District Courts. Of the last of these, the Nevada Supreme Court has final authority over decisions which are made through this body.
The Nevada Supreme Court dates back, as an institution in its own right and as an arbiter over these lower court institutions, to the period when Nevada first achieved statehood status in 1864. 
Its creation gave the institution final power over the Clark County courts and other District Court systems, of which there are 9 in total, having been created to provide for the judicial needs of 17 different counties. 
The Nevada Supreme Court functions mainly in an appeal-reviewing capacity, thereby placing the decisions taken and rulings made previously by lower Districts courts, such as the Clark County Courts, under a microscope. 
The Nevada Supreme Court is concerned, moreover, not with the physical evidence or other data which might have been entered into those initial judicial proceedings, but specifically with the question of whether the Clark County courts, for instance, might have made a mistake in ruling on the basis of such evidence entered into consideration. 
In this regard, such oversight over Clark County courts and other lower District courts is rendered by the Nevada Supreme Court through the decisions of 7 Justices on the bench, a number thus fixed in 1997.