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Colorado Supreme Court

Colorado Supreme Court

The Colorado courts are divided according to jurisdiction. The Colorado Supreme Courts hear a myriad of cases which fall under their jurisdiction, including civil cases, criminal cases and family law cases.  

Family law cases can include many types of cases. For example, the Colorado Supreme Court may hear cases regarding divorce. However, before the case is heard by the Colorado Supreme Court, the courts may determine that the couple should seek a resolution through mediation. The court may in fact appoint a mediator to meet with the couple.

The judge may determine that the couple must meet with the mediator for a certain number of hours and attempt a resolution, before the judge will hear the case at the Colorado Supreme Courthouse. If the couple is able to reach an agreement, the judge simply has to approve the divorce agreement. If the couple cannot come to an agreement, the case will be heard at the Colorado Supreme Courthouse.

If the couple had a prenuptial agreement, the judge will take that agreement under advisement when making decisions. However, a judge may overrule the clauses contained in a prenuptial agreement, especially if the clauses are deemed unfair to one spouse. Contact Colorado lawyers for legal advice and assistance.

There are many other types of cases heard by the Colorado courts, including child custody cases, which are handled as a separate case than the divorce. If prenuptial agreements included any restrictions on child custody, the judge will disregard those clauses, as the courts make determinations based on the best interest of the children.