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Johnson County Courts

Johnson County Courts

As one of the judicial districts of Kansas, Johnson County courts can administer a number of legal proceedings and measures which might come up for residents of the State. Moreover, people who are interested in legal matters arising in this area of the State can also refer to a website established for the Johnson County courts by the State Government.
People can thus secure access to documents produced by legal actions previously taken under consideration and processed by one of the Johnson County courts. Moreover, the Johnson County courts online site can also assist with driving directions to the courthouses maintained by this legal system, and with information on the judges who are currently presiding over Johnson County courts. 
The activity of securing access to a document placed in the Johnson County courts will be subject to the rules previously established under the Open Records Act. In terms of the general application of this law to courthouses and court records throughout the whole of the State, as well as simply that of Johnson County courts, people can choose to refer to the guide established by the State Government and hosted at the Kansas Judicial Branch site as a “Guide to the Open Records Act.”
Inquiries to the Johnson County courts which deal, instead, with the issue of criminal records as pertaining to employment/credit background checks will instead come under the heading of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Records of the Johnson County courts can also be accessed physically at the County Clerk’s Office during the week.