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KY Courts

People interested in the legal proceedings that have been undertaken and are underway in the setting of Kentucky (KY) courts can refer to the Kentucky Court of Justice online website. In this regard, the site, established by the State Government, provides information on the ongoing KY court dockets in terms of the various levels of KY courts, including the Court of Appeals, the ultimate judicial arbiter of the State Supreme Court, and the two systems of District and Circuit KY courts.
Before using the KY Courts online site to refer to any of these kinds of KY court dockets, users will be asked to note a disclaimer to the effect that information made available online can be changed and should not be relied upon as an authoritative source of legally verified information as the current disposition of ongoing KY court dockets. 
People interested in KY court dockets in terms of the legal actions currently being considered in the Circuit KY courts will be asked to provide the name of the specific county in which they are interested when carrying out a KY dockets online search on the State website. 
To this end, there are 57 different circuits for KY courts throughout the whole of the State. Moreover, State residents and others with some reason for interest in Kentucky judicial proceedings can choose to refer to the KY court dockets of either the Western or Eastern District for KY courts. Information on KY court dockets as a whole is administered by the Administrative Office of the Courts, or AOC.