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Court of Delaware

The court of Delaware is set up with the Supreme Court and the highest courts. The court of Delaware that falls below that is the Superior Court, as well as the Court of Chancery. There is also Family Court, the Court of Common Pleas and the Justice of the Peace Court.
The court of Delaware which can influence the outcomes decided in the lower courts is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court may hear cases which include accusations of misconduct by a judge during a trial. If that misconduct may have influenced the verdict in a case, the Supreme Court may overturn the verdict. Each court which falls below the Supreme Court must abide by decisions made in that Court.
The rest of the court system in Delaware works as a pyramid, with each court answering to the one above it. This system works as a check and balance to be sure that no one court controls too much of the power within the judicial system. 
The Justice of the Peace Court is the lowest level of court and hears cases which include disputed values or judgments of less than fifteen thousand dollars. The Court may also hear criminal cases and traffic violation cases. Each of the courts in the judicial system has a specific purpose and function, which ensures a fair legal process for the residents of Delaware.