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What You Need to Know About The Michigan Courts

What You Need to Know About The Michigan Courts

The legal system of Michigan courts can be looked into online through a website set up by the State Government, entitled “Michigan Courts-One Court of Justice.” According to the Michigan court rules, the infrastructure of Michigan courts is composed of two basic kinds of settings in which motions can be initially heard and cases initially tried: the District Michigan courts and the various Circuit Michigan courts, including such various institutions as the Macomb County Circuit Court.
Michigan court rules provide for the ultimate authority, over lower institutions such as the Macomb County Circuit Court, in the forms of the lower, or intermediate, appellate court, and then the final arbiter of the State Supreme Court of Michigan courts. 
In terms of the division of responsibilities between the settings for trials in the Michigan courts system, those of Circuit courts, such as the Macomb County Circuit Court, are tasked with carrying out proceedings dealing with the most serious forms of offenses against the legal system. 
This is in contrast to the correspondingly less serious cases that are dealt with, according to Michigan court rules, by District Michigan courts. As such, Macomb County Circuit Court and other circuit Michigan courts possess judicial powers of the widest applicability for the whole of the State legal system.
In addition to Macomb County Circuit Court, there are 56 different Circuit Michigan courts throughout the State as a whole. The judges who preside over Circuit Michigan courts hold terms lasting for up to six years on the bench.